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This Study is CLOSED to Enrollment!

Reason for the study

To see if an already in use medication called atropine sulfate used at a much lower concentration (0.01% and 0.02%) is effective at slowing nearsightedness progression in children

Why is this important

Nearsightedness (myopia) is becoming a more common problem in the United State and the rest of the world.  High levels of nearsightedness are associated with vision-threatening problems such as retinal detachments and glaucoma.

Who is eligible

We have met all our enrollment goals and the study is now closed.

Who is involved

This a large randomized, controlled study involving 10 study sites throughout the country, including Eye Physicians of Central Florida.  There will be approximately 500 children in the study.

Will my child benefit

Your child’s myopia may or may not progress during the study.  The results of the study will be helpful for determining if this treatment is effective for nearsighted children

How long is the study and what is involved

The study will last for 4 years.  Your child will be examined every 6 months.  Study medication will need to be picked up every 3 months. Your child will be asked to place 1 drop in each eye before bed each night.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Louis C. Blumenfeld

Subinvestigators: Dr. Robert Gold, Dr. Andrew Schneier

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