What Are Implantable Contact Lenses?

ICL can help you achieve sharp, clear vision that gives you the freedom to see the world without glasses or contacts.

The EVO ICL, also known as the Implantable Collamer® Lens, is a type of refractive procedure to help correct the most common visual problem, myopia (blurry distant vision) and astigmatism.

What's The Difference Between LASIK And ICL?

Unlike LASIK, ICL lenses are removable, making the treatment reversible.

LASIK procedure permanently changes the shape of your cornea.

EVO Visian ICL Lens is inserted in front of the eye lens, thus leaving your natural lens intact.

Vision Quality ICL
Safety ICL

Who Should Consider ICL?

We recommend the ICL treatment for those who want to reduce their dependence on glasses or contact lenses or suffer from nearsightedness (myopia - blurry distant vision) or astigmatism.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate?

  • You are between ages 21 and 45
  • You have mild to moderate astigmatism
  • You are nearsighted with mild to severe myopia
  • You have thin or irregular corneas
  • You struggle with wearing or putting in traditional contact lenses
  • You wear eyeglasses that are uncomfortable
  • You would like an alternative to LASIK
  • You are looking for a procedure that does not create dry eye syndrome

What To Expect From The ICL Procedure?

EVO Visian ICLs are implantable collamer lenses that are implanted in the eye to correct near-sightedness and astigmatism. This lens is inserted in front of the eye's natural lens. The implantable collamer lens is made up of a biocompatible material which is perfectly safe as a permanent implantable lens.

This surgery may provide sharper vision than glasses or contacts.

Because the EVO Visian ICL corrects for distance vision, it does not eliminate the need for reading glasses, you may require them at some point, even if you have never worn them before.

For more information visit https://us.discovericl.com/evo-visian-icl-lens

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