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This Study is CLOSED to Enrollment!

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Dr. Blumenfeld's article on advances in Amblyopia treatment.

This article highlights the results from this study.


Reason for Study

In recent years, a new type of treatment for amblyopia has been tried called dichoptic training.  This is still being studied to see how effective it is to treat lazy eye conditions.  Dichoptic training involves giving visual information to both the lazy eye and non-lazy eye simultaneously, but differently to try to get the lazy eye to work better.  If effective, this may be used as an alternative to traditional therapy, such as patching.

Why is this important

Amblyopia is one of the most common causes of vision loss in the United States and elsewhere.  Current treatment with patching or eye drops is often poorly tolerated by children and therefore not done.

Who is eligible

The study has met it's enrollment goals and is closed to future participants.

Will my child benefit

There may be an improvement in amblyopia during the study.  The study is to determine the safety and effectiveness of this treatment.  Your child will not be doing other amblyopia treatment during the 4-6 month course of this study

How long is the study and what is involved

The study will last for 16-24 weeks.  There will be 4-5 visits during the study period. There is no charge for the visits done as part of the study. 

Your child will be asked to view a movie of their choice from a library of movies on a VR headset for 1 hour 6 days a week.  Each eye will receive different parts of the movie image at different contrast levels based on the child’s amblyopia.  The VR headset will be loaned for the duration of the study.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Louis C. Blumenfeld

Subinvestigators: Dr. Robert Gold, Dr. Robert Hered, Dr. Andrew Schneier

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