Eye Physicians of Central Florida’s David B. Auerbach, D.O and Louis C. Blumenfeld, M.D. are fellowship-trained ophthalmologists who specialize in treating neuro-ophthalmic disorders.

Neuro-ophthalmology focuses on the relationship between the eye and the brain. Our specially trained physicians provide comprehensive clinical care to patients with visual disturbances as a result of optic nerve diseases, central nervous system disorders, ocular motility dysfunction, and pupillary abnormalities.

Common neuro-ophthalmic conditions treated include:

  • optic neuritis
  • ischemic optic neuropathy (including temporal arteritis)
  • compressive optic neuropathy (including pituitary tumors)
  • papilledema (including pseudotumor cerebri)
  • inflammatory and infectious optic neuropathies
  • cerebrovascular disorder involving vision
  • tumors involving vision
  • blepharospasm (including botulinum injections)
  • hemifacial spasm (including botulinum injections)
  • thyroid eye disease
  • myasthenia gravis
  • ocular motor disorders (including cranial nerve palsies)
  • pupillary abnormalities
  • paraneoplastic disorders (including paraneoplastic retinopathies and optic neuropathies)
  • hereditary optic neuropathies

Serving Central Florida areas not exclusive to Orlando, Maitland, MetroWest, Winter Park, Lake Mary, Oviedo.
Central Florida Counties: Orange and Seminole County

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