We Now Offer Telemedicine!

Telehealth Consent

* Please note - It is not possible to determine Eyeglasses or Contact Lens prescription during the Telemedicine visit. Patients will be required to have an in-office appointment if a prescription for eye glasses or contact lenses is needed.

Doing our part to keep you safe

We at Eye Physicians of Central Florida want to stay connected to you during this trying time. We are committed to doing everything we can to provide ongoing care while keeping you and our staff safe.

In our efforts to keep you and our caregivers safe, we are pleased to announce that we’re now offering telemedicine services!

From the comfort of your own home

You can have the expertise of the professional advice of your trusted Eye Physicians of Central Florida provider without ever leaving your home.

Is telemedicine right for you?

When you call us for an appointment, tell us why you’d like to be seen. We may be able to schedule a telemedicine visit depending on the nature of your eye condition.

If your problem is urgent or emergent and requires an in office eye we will offer you assistance in person. Both of our offices remain open to serve you.

The process is simple

We will primarily be using the Zoom video platform. You will receive an invitation to join the Zoom conference for your Telemedicine visit by email. Alternatively, we can arrange to use FaceTime if you have an Apple device available. We will then schedule an appointment time with one of our physicians.

In preparation for your Telemedicine visit.

  1. Download Instructions for your Telehealth visit.
  2. It is helpful to download the Eye Handbook App for either an iPhone from the App Store or for Android phone from Google Play. This will allow us to have you check your or your child’s vision before or during the examination.
  3. It is also helpful for young child exams to have a small toy handy and a penlight or flashlight. This could be the camera light on your phone in flashlight mode.
  4. The vision test will be at the top of the list under testing. Choose near vision test on the next dropdown. Letters, numbers, or pictures may be chosen depending on age.
  5. When checking vision, be sure to check each eye separately and hold the phone at 14 inches. The distance of the phone from the eyes is important to obtain an accurate vision measurement.
  6. Due to the practical limitations of telemedicine testing, we will not be testing vision at distance. Other types of testing from the application may be done during your evaluation with your ophthalmologist.


What your visit will look like

Expect to connect with one of our ophthalmologists through your chosen platform (Zoom or Facetime) at your exam time. We will make every effort to connect at that time. Please remember that this is new to us as well and please give us a few minutes to work through any glitches. If you have not connected with us within 15 minutes of your appointment time, please call our office.

We will ask similar questions to what we would ask in the office. We will conduct a limited examination as best as possible remotely. While this does not replace an in office examination, it may provide very helpful information regarding your diagnosis and care.

If, during the visit, the provider feels you need a follow-up exam in person, you will be scheduled accordingly.


As a result of recent changes announced by the government, most insurance companies now cover telemedicine services according to the applicable benefits and may be subject to a copay or deductible just as a regular office visit would be.

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